The great challenge of producing wine for the first time
Before the wine in the Dão region
Wine in the Dão region
Dão's wine varieties
The wine at Dão's wine in the manor houses of the region


Bical, with black spotted berries


It’s a widely spread wine variety in central Portugal particularly in Bairrada, Dão and Távora-Varosa, although it also exists in Ribatejo and Alentejo. Its main characteristic is to be premature, usually maturing before the first rains of September, so common in regions where it abounds.


For that reason, Bical originates wines with good alcoholic and low acidity levels, balanced with the presence of an acidic wine variety as is the case of Cerceal-Branco or Cachorrinho. In the Dão region some excellent white wines are produced when they are harvested early, known by Borrado das Moscas, due to the small black spots that the ripe berries have.