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Barcelo, a vine variety that deserves to be better known


It’s an originality of Dão’s ancestral cultivation. Reports of 1790 record their frequent presence around Viseu and in the 19th century in Gouveia. In the 20th century, Gouveia municipalities such as Mangualde, Tondela, Viseu and Seia are the ones that have higher incidence of this vine variety cultivation. Regarding its viticulture, it’s not an “easy” vine variety since it usually has a second flowering and therefore gives rise to unseasoned and ripe grape bunches in the same vine.


It’s likely that such a physiological disorder results from poor affinity with the rootstocks and has a technical solution. Enologically it gives rise to very structured wines with a subtle aroma and good acidity, that age nobly. In the legislation that regulated the region of Dão in 1953 it was considered the best white wine variety with a similar status that Encruzado currently has.