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Fernão Pires, the most cultivated wine caste in Portugal


It’s probably a very ancient Portuguese vine variety mentioned in Beiras in the 18th century. The reconstitution of the vine variety evolutionary path is not an easy task, as there are arguments that favour the conjecture that it originated in Ribatejo, where the most cultivated white wine varieties is, and arguments in favour of its origin in Bairrada region where it’s known by Maria Gomes. In the Dão region it has little expression although it appears a little throughout the region. The attractiveness of the aroma and flavour of its berries has meant that in the past it was a variety used both for wine and for table grapes.


Fernão Pires detractors point out its flaws such as the lack of acidity, which leads to flat wines without longevity, very susceptible to oxidation and with heavy aromas, which affects its primary aromas. On the other hand, the admirers recognize a great aromatic intensity that properly explored allows obtaining distinct wines with good structure, strong personality and great commercial purpose. The secret is its early harvest and where it should be cultivated to maintain the acidity balance.