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Terrantez, a vine variety with a future


It’s certainly a very ancient wine variety already mentioned in Portugal and Spain in the 16th century. In the 19th century it’s referenced in almost all over the country but in the 20th century, enigmatically, it’s almost exclusively referenced in the Dão region. It has nothing to do with Terrantez da Madeira, which corresponds to Folgasão do Continente and it is frequent in the Douro and Beira Interior regions. A promising future for Terrantez is expected, because of its excellent acidity levels, medium alcohol levels and aromatic intensity.


The berry is small and the skin is thick, justifying various oenological options. Still found in Dão’s old vineyards, already deserving the attention of innovative producers who are cultivating it in the regions of Seia, Carregal do Sal, Nelas and Penalva do Castelo. The wines are distinguished by the delicacy and originality of the aroma, high acidity levels and great aging potential inside the bottle. May the region know how to take advantage of the “character” and originality of this wine variety promptly, before being discovered by producers from other places.