The great challenge of producing wine for the first time
Before the wine in the Dão region
Wine in the Dão region
Dão's wine varieties
The wine at Dão's wine in the manor houses of the region


Cerceal-Branco, rich in yield


It was one of the most cultivated vine varieties in Nelas and Santar, according to evidences of the second half of the 19th century. It’s identical to Cercial do Douro but different from Cercial da Bairrada and Sercial da Madeira. It has to be cultivated with special attention because of its late maturation and generous crop yields, so that the grapes reach a good balance between its sugar and its high levels of acidity.


These wines have a discreet and delicate aroma, that only begin to show its value after two or three years bottled. It’s excellent for fermenting in barrels and for blending with low acidity aromatic wine castes, such as Malvasia-Fina and Fernão-Pires.